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Link Holzmueller Productions

Below you will find links to various sites that may be helpful to you if you would like to explore or better understand the entertainment lighting industry.  We have also included links to the most prominent manufacturers in our industry. 

General Entertainment Lighting Links
Theatre Bay Area: Serving over 300 theatre companies and 2900 theatre professionals in the SF Bay Area.

Lightnetwork Forum: A forum on hosted by Delphi for getting answers to your lighting questions, as well as discussion and news from the industry.

- PLASA: A non-profit trade association representing the North American entertainment industry.

Live Design: General news from the entertainment industry.

Lighting & Sound America: Web reference for the entertainment technology industry worldwide.

Product Manufacturers
Following is a list of theatrical manufacturers listed by product type.  Product manufacturers followed by ( * ) represent items available in Holzmueller rental inventory See our Rentals page for catalog details.
Color Media/Patterns       Followspots    
Apollo *     Altman *  
GAM *     Lycian *  
Lee Filters *     Phoebus *  
Rosco *     Strong *  
Control/Dimming Systems       Lamps    
Avolites       GE *  
Celco       Sylvania *  
Dove Systems *     Ushio *  
Electronics Diversified Inc.            
ETC *     Lighting Fixtures    
Entertainment Technology       Altman *  
Group One Ltd.       ETC *  
High End Systems *     Lighting & Electronics (L&E) *  
Leprecon / CAE *    

Leviton/ NSI/Colortran

MA Lighting       NSI Colortran *  

Leviton/ NSI/Colortran

      Strand *  
Pathway Connectivity *     Color Kinetics *  
Strand *     Videssence    
Effects Lighting       Staging Concepts    
American DJ   Wenger *
Apollo       Stage Right    
City Theatrical *          
Diversitronics *     Soft Goods    
GAM *     Holzmueller Soft Goods *  
Le Maitre *     Rose Brand    
Rosco *     Smoke/Foggers    
Wildfire *     City Theatrical *  
Wybron *     High End Systems *  
        Le Maitre *  
Intelligent Lighting       Martin *  
Clay Paky       Optima *  
High End Systems *     Reel EFX *  
Irideon       Rosco    
Martin *          
Optikinetics       Audio    
Vari-Lite       Clear-Com *  
Distribution       Truss & Rigging    

LEX Products

      Tomcat Truss *  
SSRC *     James Thomas Engineering    

Columbus-McKinnon (CM)

        H&H Specialties